Rise Above Your ADHD

Take Control of Your Life

Life can be tough enough

Work, school, everyday life is already full of challenges. Living with ADHD makes it all extra.  Working together, we will help you find the paths to success that will work for you. Read below for some of the ways we can work together to get you in control. 

one on one coaching


Discover neuroscience- backed ways to boost your ability to focus naturally.  It is possible to learn how to train the areas of your brain responsible for attention to help you gain back some control of your mind


Learn ADHD-specific ways to help you address managing your time. We will address areas such as time loss, missed deadlines, or chronic lateness. Working together, we will  improve these areas and set you up for success!


ADHD comes with its own set of stressors.  The effects of stress on well-being are well documented. We will discover ways for you to effectively manage the extra stress in your life, making way for your improved daily function.


Neuroscience now has an understanding of the role the neurotransmitter dopamine plays in attention.   We will explore natural ways of regulating your dopamine.

custom tailored

      We will find what works for you


There is no “one size fits all”.  Especially when it comes to managing ADHD.  Together, we will discover how you are impacted in your daily life, where to prioritize our efforts, and how best to tackle the process of discovering what is going to help you to succeed.

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