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Frequently Asked Questions

What can coaching do for me?

Coaching has numerous benefits and can have a transformative effect on your life.  It is a collaborative process between you and your coach custom tailored to your unique needs and goals. It provides a supportive and empowering environment for personal growth, unlocking your goals and helping you to live your best life.    

What type of clients do you coach?

My coaching practice embraces the power of diversity. From high-achieving executives striving for career excellence to mid-life individuals craving fulfillment in their relationships, and students grappling with ADHD, my clients encompass a wide range of backgrounds. Together, we have witnessed the profound impact that coaching can have on their lives. Through tailored guidance and unwavering support, my clients have unlocked their potential, achieved remarkable transformations, and discovered the incredible possibilities that lie within. Experience the life-changing benefits of coaching and embark on your own journey of growth and success.

What do you charge for your sessions?

My fee for a 45-minute session is $250.   I strongly believe, however, that wealth should not be a barrier to happiness.  If affordability is an issue, please reach out to me so we can work something out.  

What is breathwork and why do I want to do it?

Breathwork is the secret sauce for your mind, body, and soul. It’s like a power-up button that unlocks hidden potential within you. By consciously manipulating your breath, you tap into a wellspring of stillness and vitality.  If you are open to trying new things, it can be an incredible shortcut to achieving presence!   

What is mental fitness and why do you incorporate it?

Mental fitness is just what it sounds like.  Training the mind.   It used to be thought that we were stuck with the mind we were born with.  Modern neuroscience has now shown that this is far from the case.  It is possible to rewire that brain to incorporate desired traits.  This field is known as neuroplasticity.  I incorporate these ideas and techniques into my practice for a very important reason.  People will often go through various types of self-improvement, finding that it brings satisfaction, but that the results are short-lived.  By working to hardwire the work we do into the brain, we create new neural pathways.  This ensures that your results stick with you long term.

I’ve tried meditating and it didn’t work.  Is it for me?

There are many different types of mediation.  It is quite possible that what you tried wasn’t something that resonated with you. Finding something that works for you is both possible and likely.  It can be simple..even two conscious breaths can be a meditation.  It can be active…for some, meditative walking is very effective.  That said, mediation is a practice.  Learning how to meditate properly is important.  If you remain open to the experience, it can have profound results in your life.  It can take some time, both to learn and to notice the effects.  It’s well worth the effort to keep trying.

Are your sessions conducted in person?

My sessions are usually conducted via Zoom.  I have found that this offers the greatest flexibility for clients in fitting coaching into their busy lives.

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