What my clients say about me.

“Dave has helped me find clarity in chaos at a critical moment in my life, where balancing career, family, and personal goals had become overwhelming. He is an incredible listener who provided the support I needed to understand what I valued most and how I could shift my mindset to focus on it in a meaningful and sustainable way.”



Brooklyn, NY

"I was fortunate enough to work with Dave who helped in discover facets of my belief system which were not serving me well at all. Dave seemed to have an innate and focused skillset which could thread different elements of my psyche at a conscious and sub-conscious level enabling me to review and revise my perspectives. My journey onwards can only get brighter now that I have shaken certain legacy belief systems. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with Dave."



Amsterdam, NL

"Dave’s welcoming and centering energy consistently creates a space that encourages my self-awareness and growth. Along with his deep knowledge of breath-work his skill set creates an impressive gift for any client lucky enough to call Dave their coach."



Steamboat, CO

"I highly appreciated the safe, non-judgmental space Dave has created for me to reflect and explore. Dave’s authenticity and mission to empower others to connect with themselves were felt in the way that he listened and responded to my reflections as well as his thought-provoking questions, which has helped me further explore my challenges and move with further clarity, toward my desired outcome. I experienced Dave as a committed coach, with remarkable intuition and a profound desire to make the world a better place."




 Phone: 504-517-3131