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Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a renowned spiritual teacher and author. His groundbreaking book, “The Power of Now,” has touched the lives of millions, guiding them toward a deeper understanding of presence and inner peace. Tolle’s teachings emphasize the importance of living in the present moment and transcending the egoic mind.

Website: Eckhart Tolle


Michael A. Singer

Michael A. Singer is a spiritual teacher and the author of “The Untethered Soul.” His work explores the nature of consciousness and offers transformative insights into releasing limiting beliefs and finding inner freedom. Singer’s teachings emphasize the practice of mindfulness and surrendering to the flow of life.

Website: Michael A. Singer


Tara Brach

Tara Brach is a renowned psychologist, meditation teacher, and author. She combines Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices to create a holistic approach to healing and self-discovery. Brach’s teachings revolve around cultivating self-compassion, mindfulness, and embracing radical acceptance.

Website: Tara Brach


Dr. Rick Hanson

Dr. Rick Hanson is a psychologist, meditation teacher, and author known for his expertise in the field of positive neuroplasticity. His work explores how we can rewire our brains to cultivate resilience, inner strength, and happiness. Hanson’s teachings emphasize the integration of mindfulness and positive psychology.

Website: Rick Hanson

Dr. Steven C Hayes

Dr. Steven C. Hayes is a leading expert in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and the author of numerous books on mindfulness and psychological flexibility. His work focuses on helping individuals develop greater psychological well-being by accepting their thoughts and emotions while taking values-based action.

Website: Steven C. Hayes


Dr. Dan Brown

Dr. Dan Brown is a renowned meditation teacher, therapist, and author who integrates Western psychology and Eastern contemplative practices. His expertise lies in the areas of attachment theory and trauma resolution, offering valuable insights into healing through mindfulness and compassion.

Website: Dan Brown


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