One Size Does Not Fit All. Let's Customize What Works For You
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You are unique.  Shouldn’t your coaching be as well?


If making lasting transformative change is what you seek, you need a customized plan to get you where you want to be.  What follows is a list of offerings.  We will create the program that is going to offer you the best results!



Through one-on-one coaching, we will work to identify what is holding you back from living your best life.   We will broaden your perspective, increase your self-awareness, and remove the roadblocks that are standing in your way.

one on one coaching


I teach modern and ancient breathing techniques designed to relax, expand awareness, and deepen the connection to your conscious self.  This practice has an amazing impact on its own and can transform your life combined with the full suite


Whether learning to meditate or deepening your practice, the rewards of this skill are immeasurable and lifelong.  Incorporated into the other aspects of my services it can be truly life changing




learn the ways of neuroplasticity

Mental Fitness 

 We will build a pratcice together, utilizing principles of positive psychology and self-directed neuroplasticity, you will be guided through techniques that ensure that growth will be long-lasting.

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